Cannabis Security Requirements for Nevada

Nevada State Traceability System – What to know

Cannabis Security Requirements for Nevada
Cannabis Security Requirements for Nevada

With Nevada set to begin seed to sale cannabis monitoring, a lot of Medical Marijuana Establishment’s (MME) are wondering what this means for them. While we won’t know all the details for a couple months, we can offer the following information as to what the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) state system will, and will not, do. The following was composed based on the Request for Proposal (RFP).

The system will NOT be free– According to the DPBH, the state solution must be a no-cost solution to the state.  Not only that, but of the fees charged by the seed-to-sale provider, $1.5M per year must be passed through to the state, so the annual monies captured from this system will be above that to cover the software provider’s costs to provide the system.  The seed-to-sale provider could charge the MME in a few different ways, (1) charge a flat monthly fee; (2) charge based on hardware purchases (e.g., charge per barcode or RFID tag); (3) charge on a per-transaction basis.

You are NOT required to change seed-to-sale software providers– The DPBH system will have an API (Application Program Interface) allowing for direct integration with existing software providers. Per the RFP, the API must be fully tested, documented and available publicly for access by MMEs or other vendors who are supporting local MME inventory systems. The API must be able to support both live data push and batching of data files for upload and processing during non-peak hours.

The system WILL provide the tools to keep you compliant- Per the RFP, the system must be capable of tracking and reporting on all transportation and exchange of marijuana, edible marijuana products and marijuana infused products from source to destination. The state system is a tool for compliance facilitating such actions as the tracking plant counts, inventory conversions, and dispensing levels. The state system will also allow the creation of compliant labels, specifications can be found here.

The state system WILL integrate lab testing results– According to the RFP, the system must provide capability for a testing laboratory to record results from all testing of samples to the correct lot or batch either directly or through upload of data files. The system must prevent inventory transfers to an MME for any inventory that has either failed or has not undergone the required quality assurance testing. QA test results are available for direct import to product labels.

As further details arise GeoShepard will provide updates. If you have immediate questions, please contact us.

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