Cannabis Tracking FAQs

Welcome to the GeoShepard™ Cannabis Tracking FAQs. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

What is GeoShepard™?

GeoShepard™ is the first to market automated cannabis system. We solve 2 major issues:

  • GeoScale™ – We automate the weighing of product to reduce labor and rework. Click HERE to download our FREE application from iTunes.
  • GeoTrack™ – We automate the manual move, change growth phase, and plant destruction to increase efficiency and accuracy.

GeoScale™ wirelessly connects your smart device to your scale to ingest and report weights to the state system.

GeoTrack™ utilizes machine learning to create geofences to track plant locations. Data is transmitted, stored, and analyzed securely in our cloud-based servers.

How will GeoShepard™ make compliance easier?

GeoShepard™ seamlessly integrates with METRC to sync your data in real time. Barcodes & weights are recorded & ingested accurately the FIRST time. GeoShepard™ allows your operations or compliance manager to inspect data before submitting to metrc. A single button push eliminates typing data and thus….mistakes.

Is GeoShepard™ a Validated METRC Integrator?

Yes. GeoShepard™ has completed Franwell training and has signed the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) Confidentiality and User Agreements for ALL metrc states. Additionally, we have demonstrated our ability to perform the software functions specified by METRC and received our production API keys. Here are some links to verify our claims:

Validated METRC Vendors for AK
Validated METRC Vendors for CA
Validated METRC Vendors for CO
Validated METRC Vendors for D.C.
Validated METRC Vendors for LA
Validated METRC Vendors for MA
Validated METRC Vendors for MD
Validated METRC Vendors for ME
Validated METRC Vendors for MI
Validated METRC Vendors for MT
Validated METRC Vendors for NV
Validated METRC Vendors for OH
Validated METRC Vendors for OR

If any of the above links don’t work, please visit and click on your state from the states dropdown.

Do I have a METRC API key?

Yes. You or your operations manager will have a User API Key in the METRC system if you are cultivating and selling legal cannabis in METRC states. When you go into METRC, under your user account, you should see the current key pop up if you have one, then you can simply just click Generate and receive a new key.

Are your scales calibrated and certified?

Yes. All our scales are NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) certified. All scales are calibrated by our partner, Most Wanted Scales & Services before shipping. Click HERE to find the GeoShepard™ preferred list of service providers.

In Colorado, all scales come certified with the state sticker.
In Oregon, you will need to follow these Instructions. Or call (503) 986-4670 and visit Oregon ODA.

Do I need a barcode scanner or special device for the GeoShepard™ Application?

No.  You and your staff can BYOD.  Bring Your Own Device.  GeoShepard has been certified on Apple devices running iOS and Samsung Galaxy S9 phones.  (Results may vary on other Android Hardware.)

While the GeoShepard Application is wicked fast, you can increase your speed with the Zebra TC8300 METRC barcode Scanner.  Ask us how!

Does GeoShepard run on any other Zebra Devices?

Yes.  Visit the Google Play Store to search for GeoShepard from your Zebra device.  If you see our application, then it will work for most functions.  To get a detailed list functionality, visit our Zebra Page.  

Where can I download the GeoShepard™ Applications?

GeoShepard – METRC Automation

Apple App Store

Google Play

GeoShepard Lite

Apple App Store
Google Play

What is GeoShepard Lite?

GeoShepard Lite is our solution allowing cultivators running MJFreeway, BioTrack, Trellis, SICPA or any Seed-to-Sale/Track-n-Trace system to take advantage of our wireless GeoScale™. The application wirelessly connects to an NTEP certified scale which transmits the marijuana plant/package weight. The cultivator scans ANY barcode/QR code and then submits the batch data in spreadsheet format to their email for upload. You can perform harvests, manicures, and package creation. Since, the application is de-coupled from METRC, you can weigh anything!

Does GeoShepard™ integrate with POS?

POS = Point of Sale.  Yes.  Through the METRC database GeoShepard™ integrates with the best of breed POS systems like Flowhub and Cova.

Where can I find the GeoScale™ Manual?

Here is a link to the GeoScale™ Ohaus Manual.

Does GeoShepard™ store my data?

The GeoShepard™ application stores harvest batches, waste removal, package creation, plant moves, growth phase changes, and plant destroys for 30 days on the iPhone.  Additionally, GeoShepard’s secured cloud infrastructure stores your data for submission into metrc.

We’re a small shop, can we afford GeoShepard™?

Absolutely! GeoShepard™ has an affordable monthly pricing model that allows you to avoid large up-front expenses. Check out our Cost Savings Calculator to find pricing info. It is a fully deductible expense. We are always happy to work with small businesses to make sure we can meet their needs within their budget.

How do I know my computers can run GeoShepard™?

GeoShepard™ is a software service, which means that it runs on any computer, laptop, or mobile device through an internet browser. If your computer can run an internet browser it can run GeoShepard™! Click HERE to read our blog on how GeoShepard™ does data security and keeps your applications running.

Won’t training my employees on totally new software take a lot of my time?

We agree that training employees and getting their buy-in with a new system can be time consuming. That’s why GeoShepard™ includes free training for all of your employees as part of our initial setup process. A $145 value!! As a GeoShepard™ user our expertise is always available to you and your employees through training or technical support at no added cost.

What if I try GeoShepard™ and I don’t like it?

The GeoShepard™ Technical Account Manager assigned to you would like to speak with you about your needs, and why GeoShepard™ isn’t meeting them. If you’d like to request that a feature is added or that something about the product is changed, we want to hear your feedback. If we cannot resolve your issue, or GeoShepard™ just doesn’t fit your business model, you can cancel at any time.

What if I need to transfer my data from GeoShepard™ to different software?

We will gladly provide you with an electronic or hard copy of your data at your request. GeoShepard™ is a fully open and transparent product; we firmly believe that you should have access to your data at any time in the format that best suits you. To that end, you can download a copy of your data at any time.

What are your terms, services, and privacy policy?

Here you go….