Cannabis Security Requirements for Washington

Cannabis Security Requirements for Washington
Cannabis Security Requirements for Washington

Thank you for visiting GeoShepard.  Please contact us to find out how GeoShepard can augment your Cannabis Video Surveillance and Security needs.  For your convenience, here is a list of Cannabis Security Requirements for your Marijuana operation.

To get the most up to date Cannabis Security Requirements for Washington, please contact Travis Tash at 253-269-4219 or visit his website.

Video Surveillance:

  • Cameras must cover all areas with marijuana items on the licenses premise.
  • Cameras must record at a minimum resolution of 640/470px and 10 fps.
  • Keep all recordings for a minimum of 45 days and be easily accessible for viewing.
  • Surveillance system must have capability to produce a still photo from any camera image.
  • System must immediately notify the licensee of any equipment failure or system outage.
  • Archive video recordings in format that ensures authentication of legitimately­ captured video and guarantees that no alterations of the video has taken place.
  • Required camera coverage:
    • All POS areas.
    • All points of entry to or exit from limited access areas. All points of entry to o r exit from the license premises.
    • Must capture clear and certain images of individual & activity occurring. Within 20 feet both inside & outside of all points of entry to and exit from the licensed premise.
    • Anywhere within secure or limited access areas on licensed premises.
    • Any room or area storing a surveillance system storage device.
    • Rooms or areas where marijuana or marijuana waste is never present are not considered control areas and do not require camera coverage.

Cannabis Security Requirements:

  • At a minimum,each licensed premises must have a security alarm system on all perimeter entry points and perimeter windows. Motion detectors, pressure switches, duress, panic, and hold-up alarms may also be utilized.
*Requirements are based off of the Washington Draft Rules for 2015; Requirements are subject to change.