Cannabis Security Requirements for Colorado

Cannabis Security Requirements for Colorado
Cannabis Security Requirements for Colorado

Thank you for visiting  Please contact us to find out how GeoShepard can augment your Cannabis Video Surveillance and Security needs.  For your convenience, here is a list of Cannabis Security Requirements for your Marijuana operation.

Video Surveillance:

  • Video surveillance equipment shall consist of digital or network video recorders, cameras capable of meeting the recording requirements described in this rule, video monitors, digital archiving devices, and a color printer capable of delivering still color photos.
  • Cameras must cover all areas with marijuana items on the licensed premise
  • All camera views of all Limited Access Areas must be continuously recorded 24 hours a day.  The use of motion detection is authorized when a Licensee can demonstrate that monitored activities are adequately recorded.
  • Must have minimum of 1 hour of recording time in the event of power outage.
  • Keep all recordings for a minimum of 40 days and be easily accessible for viewing
  • Surveillance system must have capability to produce a still color photo from any camera image, live or recorded
  • System must immediately notify the licensee of any equipment failure or system outage
  • The date and time must be embedded on all surveillance recordings without significantly obscuring the picture. The date and time must be synchronized with any point-of-sale system.
  • All records applicable to the surveillance system shall be maintained on the Licensed Premises.
  • At a minimum, Licensees shall maintain a map of the camera locations, direction of coverage, camera numbers, surveillance equipment maintenance activity log, user authorization list and operating instructions for the surveillance equipment.
  • Archive video recordings in format that ensures authentication of legitimately-captured video and guarantees that no alterations of the video has taken place.
  • A chronological point-of-sale transaction log must be made available to be used in conjunction with recorded video of those transactions.
  • Required camera coverage:
    • All POS areas and Limited Access Areas
    • All points of entry to or exit from the license premises
    • All areas where Medical Marijuana or Medical Marijuana-Infused Product is displayed for sale
    • All entrances and exits to the facility shall be recorded from both indoor and outdoor vantage points
    • Must capture clear and certain images of individual & activity occurring within 20 feet of all points of ingress and egress to Limited Access Areas
    • At each point-of-sale location, camera coverage must enable recording of the patients, caregiver or customer(s) and employee(s) facial features with sufficient clarity to determine identity

Cannabis Security Requirements:

  • Must have fully operational security alarm system on all entry/exit points, and perimeter windows
  • The Licensees shall maintain up to date and current records and existing contracts on the Premises that describe the location and operation of each Security Alarm System, a schematic of security zones, the name of the Alarm Installation Company, and the name of any Monitoring Company
  • Must be programmed to notify a monitoring center in the event of a breach
  • Must have at least 2 operational “panic buttons” located inside the facility that are programmed with the alarm system to notify the monitoring center.
  • Any outdoor Optional Premises Cultivation Facility, or greenhouse cultivation, is a Limited Access Area and must meet all of the requirements for Security Alarm Systems described in this rule.
*Requirements are based off of the Colorado Draft Rules for 2015; Requirements are subject to change.