GeoShepard, Inc.

GeoShepard, Inc. is the evolutionary result of technology, strategy, and customer engagement.  The company was founded in 2015 by father & son team, Dennis and Jay Lineberry.  After successfully launching a consumer asset tracking system, the team recognized the need for their technology in the Cannabis space.

The team engaged several cultivators & industry insiders to discover the pain points of data collection & reporting.  GeoShepard created 2 product lines to automate production processing using their advanced technological skill:  GeoScale™ and GeoTrack™.

GeoScale™ automates the weighing of Cannabis plants & packages for the cultivator. 

The GeoScale™ solution is a bit of hardware and a bit of software that interfaces directly with metrc to automate the data entry.  GeoShepard™ has upgraded the NTEP certified Ohaus industrial scales to communicate weights wirelessly.  Using our iPhone application, we ingest the weight automatically for plants, harvests, waste, and packages.  The application then scans and assigns the unique metrc identifier for that product.   We publish this compliance data to metrc quickly and accurately, which reduced the time & labor needed to perform data entry.  This allows the cultivator to focus on what they do best…producing great cannabis products.

GeoScale™ eliminates the need to reweigh plants.  It eliminates pen & paper and the difficulties of deciphering cryptic handwriting.  It reduces the hours spent hand jamming data into the state compliance systems to minutes.  It holds employees accountable for tasks performed on the floor and in the garden.

GeoTrack™ allows the cultivator to move, destroy, and change the growth phase of plants; all from a smartphone.

GeoShepard is based in Colorado and currently servicing all METRC states:  AK, CA, CO, DC, LA, MA, MD, MI, MT, NV, OH, and OR.  Over 1,000,000 lbs of cannabis harvested to date.  Over 100,000 harvest batches created.