Cannabis Security Requirements for Nevada

Cannabis Security Requirements for Nevada
Cannabis Security Requirements for Nevada

Thank you for visiting GeoShepard.  Please contact us to find out how GeoShepard can augment your Cannabis Video Surveillance and Security needs.  For your convenience, here is a list of Cannabis Security Requirements for your Marijuana operation.

Video Surveillance:

  • Cameras must continuously record for 24 hrs and is required to monitor the interior and exterior of a medical marijuana establishment, a live feed of which must be accessible to authorized law enforcement at al l times, and in real-time.
  • A video camera in each grow room which is capable of identifying any activity occurring within the grow room in low light conditions.
  • Video cameras with a recording resolution of at least 704 x 480 or the equivalent.
  • A method for storing video recordings from the video cameras for at least 30 days.
  • All recorded images must clearly and accurately display the time and date.
  • A failure notification system that provides an audible and visual notification of any failure in the electronic monitoring system.
  • The data storage device must be secured on-site in a lock box, cabinet, closet, or secured in another manner to protect from employee or third-party tampering or theft.
  • Sufficient battery backup for video cameras and recording equipment to support at least 5 minutes of recording in the event of a power outage.
  • A video printer capable of immediately producing a c l ear still photo from any video camera image & at least one call-up monitor that is 19 inches or more.
  • A sign must be posted in any customer areas that the customer is under video surveillance.
  • Archive video recordings in format that ensures authentication of legitimately­ captured video and guarantees that no alterations of the video has taken place.
  • Required camera coverage:
    • All POS areas and waiting areas.
    • All points of entry to or exit from limited access areas. All points of entry to or exit from the license premises.
    • Within 20 feet of the exterior of the building and any parking, fenced, or loading areas. A motion detection lighting system may be employed to illuminate the gate area in low light conditions.
    • Must ensure all production, transport, delivery, shipping, labeling and packaging areas have fixed camera coverage capable of identifying activity occurring within a minimum of 20 feet.

Cannabis Security Requirements:

  • A series of devices to detect unauthorized intrusion, which may include a signal system interconnected with a radio frequency method, such as cellular or private radio signals, or other mechanical or electronic device.
  • Immediate automatic or electronic notification to alert local law enforcement agencies of an unauthorized breach.
*Requirements are based off of the Nevada Draft Rules for 2015; Requirements are subject to change.