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METRC Certified

METRC Certified Integrator – Colorado, Oregon & Alaska MED approved.

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Automated Scale

Scales are automated to increase accuracy of weighing by removing human error. Click Here for Free App

Automated Moves

GeoTrack learns your facility & updates the movement of plants automatically.

Transit Tracking

Track every package in real time while it is in transit to stores & customers

Asset Tracking

Security to Seed to Scale to Sale to Shopper
Automate Your Cannabis Operations

The patent pending GeoShepard Cannabis Tracking Solution leverages the Internet of Things (IoT). Starting with the scale, GeoShepard’s application and adapter eliminates costly mistakes and reduces considerable labor. Our application automates the identification and weighing of plants, batches, and packages by seamlessly updating the State Mandated Compliance Systems. (ie METRC)

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GeoShepard’s premium solution automates the movement of plants. GeoShepard attaches a small, reusable, waterproof Bluetooth beacon. Then GeoShepard’s network of low cost hubs geofence the facility to pinpoint the exact location of every plant. As the plants move from sprout to veg to flower to harvest, the GeoShepard system knows. Which means you know.

The system is fully automated which eliminates mistakes. GeoShepard monitors and reports in real time allowing the grower and the regulator immediate situational awareness. GeoShepard is an IoT Distributed system which eliminates extensive capital on systems and software. Best of all, GeoShepard integrates with all your existing systems. (METRC, Security Systems, Seed-to-Sale systems, State Mandated Compliance Systems) GeoShepard was architected to support the workloads and throughput required for the new IoT era applications.

In addition to tracking Cannabis plants, GeoShepard tracks employees, high value assets, and Cannabis packages. The GeoShepard Solution includes tracking packages in transit and logs delivery.

Last, but definitely not least, GeoShepard is the lowest cost solution on the market. Compared to the current RFID systems, GeoShepard is significantly lower. Request a Demo today!

  • Wages represent 26.0% of industry revenue

  • Clients realizing 42% Labor Savings

  • 100% Integration with METRC

  • Delivering Excellence Daily

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