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Automated Scale - Automated Moves - Transit Tracking
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Scales are automated to increase accuracy of weighing by removing human error.
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GeoTrack learns your facility & updates the movement of plants automatically.
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GeoRoute™ (Coming Soon)

Track every package in real time while it is in transit to stores & customers.
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METRC Certified

METRC Certified Integrator – Colorado, Oregon, Alaska & Nevada MED approved.

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Automate Your Operations

Lower Your Cost - Dominate Competition

The GeoShepard™ Automation Solution allows cannabis cultivators to automate the data entry of weights & locations into metrc. Thus, eliminating costly mistakes and reducing considerable labor. There are 3 products making up our solution:

Using an iPhone application, we ingest the metrc barcode and the weight automatically for plants, harvests, and packages. Then publish this to metrc for you. No more pen & paper!! For more information, click HERE.

GeoTrack™ is part of our premium solution. The application utilizes data analytics and artificial intelligence to learn your rooms. It then automatically updates metrc when your plants move from room to room. For more information, click HERE.

GeoRoute™ (Coming Soon!)
GeoRoute™ is also part of our premium solution. Our solution uses a small, reusable, waterproof beacon to relay cannabis package location information in real time to your operations team. When your packages are delivered, we update metrc for you. GeoRoute™ is perfect for 3rd party transport licensees. For more information, click HERE.

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  • Wages represent 26.0% of industry revenue

  • Clients realizing 42% Labor Savings

  • 100% Integration with METRC

  • Delivering Excellence Daily


Focus on what you do best – let GeoShepard eliminate the data entry

GreenLight Cannabis

“We are so delighted with the GeoShepard system. It really increases the speed of the harvest.” – Seth Lee

Franklin BioScience

On average, GeoShepard and the intelligent software platform have saved us approximately 5 hours of manual data recording per harvest, approximately 60 hours a year, and a minimum of 1 hour per 100 plants!” – Alex Pick

Elements Boulder

“GeoShepard’s is not just a tech provider, but a partner. They are responsive and considerate of my needs.” – JD Koontz

Golden Meds

(303) 307-4645
“Jamie and the GeoShepard team do a great job of relaying information. They are open, honest, and reliable.” – Lilya Khaibullina

Emerge Farms

“ROI of new technology is key to success for cultivators. GeoShepard’s focus on ROI is spot on.” – Zachery Howell

AJ’s Nirvana Farm

(707) 559-8779
“Automating my grow was the best decision I ever made!!” – Michael Petrin


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