Supported Zebra Devices

The GeoShepard application was developed on the TC8300 (TC83BH & TC83B0) and the TC51 because of a generous donation from one of our amazing customers.  GeoShepard recommends the TC8300 (build TC83BH) because of its ergonomics and speed of operation.  (Click HERE to purchase yours today!)

If you are using a different Zebra device, we can’t guarantee the results or performance of those devices as they are untested.  However, we have compiled a list below of supported Zebra devices and the expected results.

MODELFORM FACTORGEOTRACK SOLUTION (move, destroy, phase change)GEOSCALE SOLUTION (harvest, manicure, waste, package)
ET51TabletFully FunctionalFully Functional
ET56TabletFully FunctionalFully Functional
MC9300PhoneFully FunctionalFully Functional
TC52PhoneFully FunctionalFully Functional
TC57PhoneFully FunctionalFully Functional
TC72PhoneFully FunctionalFully Functional
TC77PhoneFully FunctionalFully Functional
TC83BHPhone on a StickFully FunctionalFully Functional
TC20PhoneFully Functional*Partial Functionality
TC20KBPhoneFully Functional*Partial Functionality
TC25PhoneFully Functional*Partial Functionality
MC330KPhoneFully Functional*Partial Functionality
TC51PhoneFully Functional*Partial Functionality
TC56PhoneFully Functional*Partial Functionality
TC70xPhoneFully Functional*Partial Functionality
TC75xPhoneFully Functional*Partial Functionality
TC75xDFPhoneFully Functional*Partial Functionality

*Partial Functionality – These devices are running an older version of the Bluetooth chipset.  Thus, they cannot wirelessly connect to the GeoScale Hardware.  Weights will need to be typed into the GeoShepard application manually.