Introducing GeoScale

GeoScaleGeoShepard™ is excited to announce the release of our GeoScale Lite application in iTunes.  Click HERE to download the free app.

GeoScale™ Lite is our free application that allows cultivators to scan barcodes and ingest weights into a comma delimited file which is emailed to them so they can copy/paste the data accurately into the state mandated systems like metrc.  GeoScale™ Lite eliminates illegible hand writting, piles of paperwork, and long hours typing on the old keyboard.  The data is timestamped so operators can analyze productivity and manage efficiencies in either Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers.  Did we mention that the application is free?

In version 1.0 of GeoScale™ Lite, the user must type in the weights.  In version 2.0, coming soon, the user can take full advantage of the GeoScale™ Adapter, which will automatically relay the cannabis weights to the GeoScale™ Lite application.

GeoScale Lite

Keep following GeoShepard™ to hear about the latest releases.  For instance, the full version of GeoScale which integrates with metrc is coming soon.

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