October 26, 2016

Cannabis Scale Automation


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Are you tired of having to reweigh your plants?

Are inaccuracies causing issues?

Are you still using pen and paper to write down your weights?  Just so you can spend hours hand jamming them into the state system…

GeoShepard™ is here to help!!  Our latest technology automates the weighing of Cannabis.

The GeoScale™ solution is a bit of hardware and a bit of software that interfaces directly with metrc to automate the data entry.  Using our iPhone application, we ingest the metrc barcode and the weight automatically for plants, harvests, and packages.  Then we publish this to metrc for you.  This allows the cultivator to focus on what they do best…producing great products.

System Highlights

  • Application scans & verifies metrc barcode.
  • Weight is transmitted wirelessly from scale to application.  (Or can be manually entered.)
  • User can create or add to a harvest.
  • User can manicure and/or remove waste.
  • Operations managers have capability to check, edit, and approve before submitting to metrc.
  • History maintained on device for recovery for 30 days.
  • Application capable of generating metrc formatted csv file for easy upload.

GeoScale Lite v2.0 Screenshot

Ease of Use

  • Simply attach the GeoScale™ Adapter to your scale’s RS-232 (DB9) port.
  • Link GeoScale™ Adapter to application on your iPhone.
  • Place bud or trim on scale.
  • Scan the metrc barcode.
  • Hit Submit in the app.

GeoShepard™ does the rest – Cannabis Scale Automation. We update metrc with the correct weight the FIRST TIME.  100% accurate.

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Want to try it for FREE?

GeoScale™ Lite is our FREE application that allows cultivators to scan barcodes and ingest weights into a comma delimited file (csv) formatted for metrc, which is emailed to them so they can upload the data accurately.  GeoScale™ Lite eliminates illegible handwriting, piles of paperwork, and long hours typing on the old keyboard.  Did we mention that the application is FREE?

Here is a short video to give you an idea:

Download GeoScale™ Lite from iTunes today!!

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The GeoScale™ Manual can be found HERE for A&D scales and HERE for Ohaus scales.

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