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Can you find your plants?

Have you been audited?

Are you still using pen and paper to write down your moves?  Just so you can spend hours hand jamming them into the state system…

GeoShepard™ is here to help!!  Our latest technology automates the movement of Cannabis.

The GeoTrack™ solution is a bit of software that interfaces directly with metrc to automate the data entry.  Using our iPhone application, we ingest the metrc barcode and the location of plants.  Then we publish this to metrc for you.  This allows the cultivator to focus on what they do best…producing great products.

System Highlights

  • Application scans & verifies metrc barcode.
  • User selects rooms from dropdown.
  • Operations managers have capability to check, edit, and approve before submitting to metrc.

GeoTrack Screenshot


Ease of Use

  • Simply scan the metrc barcode.
  • Select the room the plant is in from the drop down.
  • Hit Submit in the app.

GeoShepard™ does the rest – Cannabis Automated. We update metrc with the correct location the FIRST TIME.  100% accurate.

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