CannabIndex places GeoShepard on Select List

Six companies positioning themselves for success.

GeoShepard™ is excited and appreciative to be on Expo Select List.

This past August, had the amazing opportunity to attend and cover one of the premier events within the cannabis community, the IndoExpo in Portland, OR.  With over 400 booth exhibits and thousands of attendees was able to interact and network with some potential game changing players in the cannabis and marijuana sector.

From their time walking, interacting with others, and exploring at the expo, they decided to choose 6 companies that they felt were positioning themselves for long term success and potentially market shapers, by making extraordinary products, and providing great service to the cannabis community.

What we liked about GeoShepard was how innovative and accurate their system was. We have never seen anything that fully creates premium cannabis from seed to sell without any direct human labor. For any scale of growing, whether it’s a small garage grow operation or a large scale grow op, this system will by far produce the best cannabis. We can see this company doing big things in the future.

Thank you!!

Indo Expo 2018 - Denver

Visit us at booth 440 in Denver

Do you want to see what calls “the system that by far produces the best cannabis?”  Visit us at booth 440 in the Denver Mart this January 27-28th.  It’s FREE for industry insiders and cultivators!!

Click Link to Register today:

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