GeoShepard Software Licensing

GeoShepard™ is offering its cannabis cultivation track, trace and scale software as a complete source code package to integrate into other Cannabis Software systems, i.e. point of sale, fertilizer, water, distribution or any systems currently being sold into the cannabis industry. It is estimated that it would cost $1.5 million to recreate this package.  GeoShepard Software Licensing is the fastest and most cost effective solution to market.

Product Offering

GeoShepard™ has initiated this new product offering beginning in 2022 for the Cannabis support peripheral industries.  GeoShepard’s software system is a certified METRC integrator in 15 States and has sold system to over 350 customers over the past 6 years.  At time of publication, GeoShepard™ manages over 5 million individual plant ID’s. GeoShepard™ now is offering our source code for the system to other commercial clients that wish to integrate our complete system into their software. GeoShepard™ system is built on open APIs which is easy to integrate. GeoShepard™ can push and pull data into your system.


The parameters of the software license are very simple.  GeoShepard™ provides the software source code to the client. Client’s software engineers then integrate and customize the system into their software platform, giving them a proven METRC platform to market to their individual customers

The terms and conditions of the software source code license are as follows.

  1. Payment for the source code License $295,000.
  2. Source code may not be, resold, license, sublicense, or otherwise transfer the Licensed Code or the Documentation.
  3. Agree to purchase GeoShepard™ hardware for a period of 3 years based on the GeoShepard™ published rates.
  4. The equipment will carry Licensee’s branding, the software will require Licensee to Brand it accordingly.
  5. GeoShepard™ will assist with the integration and mapping as needed for a period of 60 days at an agreed upon hourly retainer fee.
  6. The GeoShepard™ system and applications are designed utilizing open APIs. Pushing and pulling between integrated systems is there for simplified.
  7. GeoShepard™ applications are approved by Apple and Google Play and METRC certified states.
  8. Wireless Scales for automatic mobile data entry.
  9. Wireless RFID and Bar code scanners for inventory and data acquisition.
  10. GeoShepard™ will promote Client on our website and assist in training on the GeoShepard™ system the Licensee staff.
  11. Software will be accessed on Github or other agreed upon method to verify the software, once the payment is received.
  12. A list of GeoShepard™ current customers will be available to promote your standalone package to.

When you license the software, you will be able to market GeoShepard as a stand-alone private labeled system to your clients.  This will give you an advantage to upgrade those new customers to your entire system.  The equipment will carry Client branding, the software will require you to Brand it accordingly.

Key Highlights

  • Complete mobile wireless system of scales and applications.
  • No WIFI or LTE required for data acquisition (off line mode)
  • RFID Inventory control system
  • Customized wireless scales with software password protected app connections.
  • Metrc and state certified in 15 states
  • Over 5.8 million plants on the system
  • Hundreds of Thousands of Harvests completed.
  • The best cultivation system in the industry uptime 99.98%

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