GeoShepard Client Referrals

GeoShepard Client Referrals

GeoShepard Client Referrals

GeoShepard Client Referrals

Geoshepard Client referrals are greatly appreciated.  It is GeoShepard’s mission to help our clients create the best products at the lowest costs.  Their success is our success.  We want to thank all our clients & members for the kind words and support.  We look forward to our continued partnerships.

Canna_Dan Bossmere Farms

“Beautiful system. Cut weigh-in by half, and data entry to 1-2 minutes, probably less with something other than rural internet. In fact, I could drive out, cut 30 plants, and return in the time it took scan and weigh 30 plants. This scale alone doubled our harvest efficiency. 50% more throughput with 75% of the labor.  It has eliminated our biggest bottleneck, weigh-in and data collection, as well as hours of data entry into metrc. 100% error free. 100% return on invest, and then some! The labor savings and overall workflow efficiency is tremendous for us, upward of $3500 in harvest cost savings.  The system literally paid for itself.
Also, our governing body, the OLCC, loved this scale when they were performing their new outdoor harvest inspections.”
~ Dan James, Owner at Bossmere Farms

GreenLight Cannabis Company

“I used GeoShepard for the first time this past fall and now I can’t imagine working without it. For a long time cultivation facilities have been logging all of their harvest info manually with pen and paper, but it just takes too long, plus it’s a pain trying to jot numbers down in an orderly fashion while working with sticky, resinous plants. With GeoShepard we were able to upload our harvest weights as fast as we could take one plant off the scale and put the next one on. The bluetooth connectivity makes it compatible with your phone so you can scan the RFID tags, read the weight and click submit. No more writing anything down, no manual entry into Metrc… just simple and streamlined. With prices dropping and businesses everywhere looking for ways to cut costs, this is just another tool that helps keep the bottom line down. I definitely give it 5 stars.”
 ~Seth Lee, Operations Manager at GreenLight Cannabis Company

Franklin BioScience

“We love this company! I am so glad I saw their product come through my email inbox and reached out to Dennis for more information. Dennis has been incredible to work with on the customer service and support side, and their company and products have completely streamlined the data collection aspect of our harvests, taking the manual data entry piece completely out of the equation. We harvest upwards of 500 plants every month, and have both internal data collection and external (METRC) data collection requirements, and GeoShepard has been able to meet our needs on both. The ability to download a quick CSV file containing all the data, as well as have it stored in the dashboard and ready to send straight to Metrc after internal review is amazingly efficient and an incredible asset for this industry. On average, Dennis, his team, and his intelligent software platform have saved us approximately 5 hours of manual data recording per harvest, approximately 60 hours a year, and a minimum of 1 hour per 100 plants. You have loyal fans in our entire Cultivation and Management teams, many many thanks!”
~ Alex Pick, Operations Manager at Franklin Bioscience

“The 3-24 harvest was by far the best experience we have had with geoscale so far.  This is far better than the last several harvests.  I personally only had a few small issues submitting the information into metrc from your dashboard, but Jay helped me out immediately. Overall i am extremely pleased and have many plans to try and incorporate geoscale into other areas of the farm as you expand your capability.

Five Star Rating!”

~ Russell Lang, Operations Manager at Alamos Farms, CA

Please feel free to contact us to provide a referral or inquire about our services.  Thank you!!