GeoScale Price Sheet

As of 09/27/2018 – All Pricing is subject to change.

Plant Count Monthly Labor
Monthly Cost

(on Monthly Contract*)

Monthly Cost

(on Annual Contract*)

0-800 plants $157.50/month $120/month $100/month
801-3,600 plants $2,000/month $240/month $200/month
3,601-10,000 plants $11,000/month $600/month $500/month
10,001-50,000 plants $29,000/month $900/month $750/month
50,000+ plants $145,000/month Contact Us Contact Us

Lock in your price today with an annual contract.  Please contact your sales rep or for details.

Visit our online STORE to purchase scales and/or accessories.

* GeoShepard™ Software Services default to a transactional basis with no contract.  $1 per transaction.  (Transactions:  each plant weighed, each package created, each plant moved, each plant phase changed, each plant destroyed, each waste weighed, and each spreadsheet generated.)