GeoScale Manual for Ohaus Ranger 3000

GeoScale™ & GeoShepard™ Application Setup for Ohaus Ranger Series Scales

Thank you for choosing GeoShepard™ for your cannabis automation needs.  The purpose of this GeoScale Manual is to help you setup your GeoScale™ and GeoShepard™ application on the Ohaus Ranger 3000 scales.

If you have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 303-898-6131 or email us at

Setting up your Ohaus 3000 scale

GeoScale™ is an upgraded NTEP certified Ohaus Ranger 3000 scale.  A pdf version of Ohaus’ Standard Manual can be found at this location:

Ohaus Ranger 3000 NTEP certification:

Plug in the Ohaus Scale.  After it boots up, the display should read 0.0.  The GeoScale™ Adapter is already calibrated for the Ohaus scale, so no additional setup is needed.  However, the instructions below are useful for setting up continuous print which takes full advantage of GeoScale’s automation.

Setting up Continuous Print

First, make sure the “Red Latch” on the bottom of the scale is set to unlock.

The Ohaus Ranger 3000 scale has 5 buttons.  Each button has multiple functions depending on the menu you are interacting with.  These 4 are what we are going to use for continuous print set up.


  1. Press and hold the “M+ / Menu” or “Exit” button to display “cal”.
  2. Press “Function / Mode” or “Back” button 4 times to display “Print”.
  3. Press “On/Zero / Off” or “Yes” button.
  4. Press “Back” button 5 to display “A.Print”.
  5. Press “Yes” button.
  6. Press “Back” button 1 time to display “CONT”.
  7. Press “Yes” button.
  8. Press “Exit” button.

Download the GeoShepard™ Application

GeoShepard™ is available in iTunes for your iOS devices.  It Requires iOS 10.3 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  Download from iTunes using the following link or scanning the QR code.

GeoShepard on iTunes
GeoShepard on iTunes

GeoShepard™ will be available for Android soon.

GeoShepard™ Application Connection

    1. Fire up the GeoShepard™ application on your iOS device by clicking on the icon.GeoShepard.Pro
    2.   Login with your Username and Password.  Be sure to set up TouchID for additional security.  If you don’t have an account, click on Request Service.
GeoShepard Login Screen
GeoShepard Login Screen
    1. Click on GeoScale™ from the Home Screen.
  1. GeoShepard Home Screen
    GeoShepard Home Screen
    1. In the top left corner, click on Scales to connect to your GeoScale™
  2. GeoScale Screen
    GeoScale Screen
    1. When the GeoShepard™ application connects successfully to the GeoScale™ adapter, the application gives you a notification.
GeoScale Connected
GeoScale Connected

Using GeoShepard™ to Automate

The GeoShepard™ application allows the cannabis cultivator to scan the barcode of the marijuana plant, enter the weight, and unit of measure for numerous plants. The application automates harvests, manicures, harvest batch waste removal, and package creation.

Check out this short video to see how it works:

Now that you have the GeoShepard™ application connected to your scale, let’s get to work!!

      1. If you are using trays for your bud, trim, or waste; simply place an empty tray on the scale and press “On/Zero” to zero out the weight.
      2. Select the activity you are doing:  Harvest, Manicure, Remove Waste, or Create Package.
      3. This is an example of doing a Harvest.  All activities are similar.  Click on Harvest.
      4. Place your bud, trim, or waste, onto the scale.  If you turned on autoprint from the instructions above, the weight and unit of measure will automatically show up on the application.  If not, then press “Print” on the scale.  (Optionally, the weight can be manually entered using the “+” key.)
      5. Using the camera and viewfinder in the GeoScale™ application, place the barcode/RFID tag of the plant you are weighing within the boundary lines.  A green scanner will appear and the barcode/RFID number will display in the Barcode field.  (Optionally, the barcode can be manually entered using the “+” key.)
GeoScale Lite Barcode Scan
GeoScale Lite Barcode Scan
      1. Press “Next Plant” in the GeoScale™ Application to weigh the next plant.  Repeat steps 2 & 3 above for the whole harvest batch or operation.
      2. When completed, click “Review”.
      3. There are a few actions on the Harvest Review screen to help you.
        1. Click on “Total Plants” to see the list of plants and individual plant weights.
        2. Click on “Scale” to pull the batch waste from the scale.  (Or manually type it in.)
        3. Select the Dry Room from the drop down list.
GeoShepard Harvest Review
GeoShepard Harvest Review
      1. Click Submit
      2. The operations manager will Review the submission on the GeoShepard Portal.  And submit to metrc.

Uploading csv file to metrc

To import the csv file into metrc.  Simply click on the upload button in the top right corner.  Then click on select files to select the csv file and submit.

metrc Harvest Plants Import screen

NO MORE using pen & paper to write down your cannabis plant/bud/trim/waste weights.
NO MORE hours spent hand jamming them into the state system.
NO MORE reweigh your plants.
NO MORE inaccuracies causing issues.
NO MORE staff spending too much time doing data entry.