~METRC AUTOMATED~ GeoShepard is the leading automation software & hardware provider for the legal Cannabis Industry. Our proprietary software coupled with an UPGRADED Ohaus Ranger 3000 industrial scale, we allow legal marijuana cultivators to automatically update the state mandated METRC system completely wirelessly. GeoShepard is a certified METRC vendor in ALL METRC States.

~Ohaus Ranger 3000~ The multipurpose Ohaus Ranger 3000 has all of the capabilities to produce precise results rapidly for the Cannabis Industry. Portable and equipped with a rechargeable battery (210 hours of battery life), this scale is beneficial in every corner of the cultivation facility and is equipped with functions and features that elevate GeoScale to a class of its own. The NTEP certified Ohaus Ranger 3000 is constructed with ABS housing, stainless steel platform, up-front level indicator, and transportation handle. The included easy-to-use & install weigh-below hook offers the functionality to hang fully mature marijuana plants to speed up production.

~GeoShepard Mobile App~ Our team has built the industry leading marijuana cultivation mobile software solution. The GeoShepard Application allows the Cannabis cultivator to easily scan Franwell’s METRC tags & barcodes to identify the plant/package being weighed. The software WIRELESSLY ingests the precise weight from the GeoScale and submits it to your harvest batch. GeoShepard then securely sends the harvest batch data to METRC.  The GeoShepard App also helps the cannabis cultivator automate phase changes, moves, destroys, manicures, and the creation of marijuana harvest packages. (METRC API key & GeoShepard service agreement required.)


    • Legal for Trade (NTEP Certified) Scale
    • Underhook
    • Power cord
    • Mobile Application (download separately)
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GeoScale™ Scale – 6 lb, GeoScale™ Scale – 15 lb, GeoScale™ Scale – 30 lb, GeoScale™ Scale – 60 lb


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