GeoScale™ RFID Bundle


Save $$ and increase SPEED by bundling your GeoScale™, GeoRack™, and METRC RFID Scanner in one purchase.

• GeoScale™ allows you to automate your cannabis operation and data entry into METRC.
• GeoRack™ is a customized mobile rack for the GeoScale™.
• Zebra RFD40 METRC RFID Scanner speeds up tag identification.
• The GeoScale™ cover is ideal for keeping your GeoScale™ free from debris and resins.

Included in Bundle:

  • 1 GeoScale™ Smart Scale – 6 lb, 15 lb, 30 lb, or 60 lb
  • 1 GeoRack™
  • 1 Zebra RFD40 Fully Assembled
  • 1 GeoScale™ Cover
  • 1 Zebra RFD40 Charging Kit
  • 2 Underhooks
  • FREE GeoShepard™ Application (Downloaded separately)


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GeoScale™ Bundle – 6 lb, GeoScale™ Bundle – 15 lb, GeoScale™ Bundle – 30 lb, GeoScale™ Bundle – 60 lb


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