METRC Offline Mode

Take METRC Offline!

metrc offline

GeoShepard is excited to announce that cultivators can take METRC Offline.  Using the wireless GeoScale and a phone, users can harvest in the field with NO Internet connectivity.

It’s simple really.  Just toggle the Offline Mode switch in settings.  Perform your harvest, manicure, phase change, move, or destroy while disconnected from the internet.  When you get back to a strong Internet connection, take the app back online to process your work.

Offline mode is perfect for outdoor grows where cell service is spotty.  Or indoor grows, where that pesky corner is out of wifi range.

Currently, GeoShepard Offline mode is available on Android from Google Play.  (iOS coming soon.)

Zebra TC8300

METRC Offline mode is also available on the industrial Zebra TC8300.  The wifi dependant scanner speeds up work by 50%.  But with the GeoShepard app, that wifi dependency is no more.  The scanner is available to use throughout your entire facility, fields, and properties.  The Zebra TC8300 can be purchased from the GeoShepard Store.

Contact us for METRC Offline Demo

Contact us for a Demo!