GeoShepard Lite


Thank you for downloading GeoShepard Lite.  We are happy to automate your cannabis harvests.

You have reached this page because you are interested in some of the features that are in the full version GeoShepard™ app.  The full version of GeoShepard automates METRC, is faster, and has more features.  Here is what you can expect:

GeoScale™ – Automates the weighing of Cannabis for harvests and packaging. The application helps the cannabis cultivator wirelessly connect to an NTEP certified scale which transmits the marijuana plant/package weight. The cultivator scans the metrc barcode and then submits the data securely into metrc. GeoScale™ performs harvests, manicures, waste removal, and package creation from harvest batches.

GeoTrack™ – Automates the phasing, movement, and destruction of Cannabis so legal cultivators stay in compliance with regulations. When changing the growth phase of a marijuana plant, the application allows the cannabis cultivator to scan the barcode of the metrc tag on the plant. The cultivator then selects the growth phase (vegetative or flowering), the room the plant is moving to, and submits directly to metrc. When destroying a marijuana plant, the cultivator selects the reason for the destruction, scans the metrc tag, and securely submits to metrc.

Additionally, with your monthly service fee for the full version, you get access to data and analytics about your grow not available from METRC.

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