GeoScale Manual for A&D Series EK

GeoScale™ Adapter & Application Setup for A&D Series EK Scales

Thank you for choosing GeoShepard™ for your cannabis automation needs.  The purpose of this GeoScale Manual is to help you setup your GeoScale™ Adapter and application on the A&D Series EK/EW scales.

If you have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 818-724-9537 or email us at

Setting up your A&D EK/EW scale

The GeoScale™ adapter is certified for the following A&D scales:  EK-12oi, EK-200i, EK-300i, EK-600i, EK-12o0i, EK-2000i, EK-3000i, EK-6000i, EK-12ki, EW-15oi, EW-1500i, EW-12ki.  A pdf version of A&D’s Standard Manual can be found at this location:

Plug in the A&D Scale.  After it boots up, the display should read 0.0.  At any time, press the “MODE” button to reboot the scale and start over.  The following steps are required for the scale to communicate with the GeoScale™ Adapter.

  1. Press and hold the “SAMPLE” key to display “func”.
  2. Press “Enter”.
  3. Press “SAMPLE” 12 times to display “bps”.
  4. Press “TARE” until the bps = 2.
  5. Press “SAMPLE” one more time to display “btpr”.
  6. Press “TARE” until the btpr = 2.
  7. Press “ENTER”.
  8. Press “MODE”.

Optional, but recommended by GeoShepard.  These steps are to set the scale to autoprint.

  1. Press and hold the “SAMPLE” key to display “func”.
  2. Press “Enter”.
  3. Press “SAMPLE” 9 times to display “prt”.
  4. Press “TARE” until the prt = 0.
  5. Press “ENTER”.
  6. Press “MODE”.

Download the GeoScale™ Lite Application

GeoScale™ Lite is a FREE application available in iTunes for your iOS devices.  It Requires iOS 10.3 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  Download from iTunes using the following link or scanning the QR code.

GeoScale™ Lite iTunes QR code
GeoScale™ Lite iTunes QR code

GeoScale™ Lite will be available for Android soon.

GeoScale™ Adapter Setup

Thank you again for purchasing your GeoScale™ Adapter.  The GeoScale™ RS232 adapter provides the lowest cost solution suitable for price sensitive operations. It is based on an ultra-low power Bluetooth Low Energy. All modules incorporate serial-flash memory and a printed antenna to provide a state-of-the-art fully certified Bluetooth 4.1 solution.  All versions have Bluetooth BQB SIG certification and FCC & IC modular approval use in the United States and Canada, as well as CE approval for use in Europe and other countries.


    1. Remove the GeoScale™ Adapter from package and connect to the RS232 connector on the back of your A&D scale.  Connect the power cord to the GeoScale™ Adaptor which will respond with a solid green light.  (WARNING:  If the GeoScale™ Adapter shows a solid green light after plugging into the RS-232 port, BUT before you plug in the power cord; then the scale is supplying power and you need to contact GeoShepard to prevent damaging the adapter.)

  1. Each GeoScale™ Adapter is uniquely identified with a UID.  On the outside case of your adapter is a sticker with this code.  Write it down and store in a safe place, as you will need this for the GeoScale™ application.
  2. Press the red button on the underside to the GeoScale™ Adaptor to trigger the Bluetooth search function.  A second green light will start flashing.

GeoScale™ Application Connection

    1. Fire up the GeoScale™ application on your iOS device by clicking on the icon.
    2.   In the top right corner of the GeoScale™ application, click on Adapters.  From the list, select the GeoScale™ Adapter UID you recorded.
GeoScale Lite Adapter List
Find adapter from list of devices & select.
    1. When the GeoScale™ application connects successfully to the GeoScale™ adapter, two things happen:
      1. The application gives you a notification.
Adapter Connection Success
GeoScale Adapter Connection Success
      1. The flashing green light on the GeoScale™ Adapter changes to blue and blinks whenever data is transferred.

Using GeoScale™ Lite to Automate

The GeoScale™ Lite application allows the cannabis cultivator to scan the barcode of the marijuana plant, enter the weight, and unit of measure for numerous plants. The application then allows the user to send the data via csv file to their email so they can cut/paste the data into their state’s cannabis tracking system.

Check out this short video to see how it works:

Now that you have the GeoScale™ application connected to your scale, let’s get to work!!

      1. If you are using trays for your bud, trim, or waste; simply place an empty tray on the scale and press “TARE” to zero out the weight.
      2. Place your bud, trim, or waste, onto the scale.  If you turned on autoprint from the instructions above, the weight and unit of measure will automatically show up on the application.  If not, then press “ENTER” on the scale.  (Optionally, the weight can be manually entered using the “+” key.)
      3. Using the camera and viewfinder in the GeoScale™ application, place the barcode/RFID tag of the plant you are weighing within the boundary lines.  A green scanner will appear and the barcode/RFID number will display in the Barcode field.  (Optionally, the barcode can be manually entered using the “+” key.)
GeoScale Lite Barcode Scan
GeoScale Lite Barcode Scan
      1. Press “Next Plant” in the GeoScale™ Application to weigh the next plant.  Repeat steps 2 & 3 above for the whole harvest or operation.
      2. When you are done with the operation or harvest, click “Submit”.
      3. When prompted, enter the harvest name or unique name to call the operation.
GeoScale Enter Harvest Name
GeoScale Enter Harvest Name
      1. An email window will pop up.  Enter the email address you want send the comma delimited file (csv file) to.
      2. The operations manager or email recipient will open the email and csv file attachment to copy and paste the data into the state mandated tracking system.

Uploading csv file to metrc

To import the csv file into metrc.  Simply click on the upload button in the top right corner.  Then click on select files to select the csv file and submit.

metrc Harvest Plants Import screen


NO MORE using pen & paper to write down your cannabis plant/bud/trim/waste weights.
NO MORE hours spent hand jamming them into the state system.
NO MORE reweigh your plants.
NO MORE inaccuracies causing issues.
NO MORE staff spending too much time doing data entry.